Summer 2014

Summer 2014
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Keep up with Evita for occasional updates on her worldly adventures. Based in New York City, she can usually be found traveling between Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Italy, Greece, Spain, and of course, several US cities. Please stay in touch and follow along as more videos, photos, and stories about her travels pop up. These days more stories and comments will include shoes and fashion.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swing Xtreme dance in PARIS

            So Ryan Francois's company, Swing Xtreme, danced in Paris for a big corporate gig for JP Morgan CHASE.  Although those gigs are usually for a tough crowd, they pay really well and take you to incredibly cool venues.  Now I'm trying to build a collection of Swing-Out photos in front of famous landmarks all over the world.  And of course the Eiffel Tower is on the top of that list.  Here's Michael Jagger and I, swinging out in Paris.  It was a great gig, and a great day.  Love to Matt, Hannah, Lisa, Dan and of course, Michael as we represented the company like true pros!  Here's to many more!

Monday, March 15, 2010

London and the UK

Well, since returning from Rome, I have had a lot of work in London with Mr. Michael Jagger!  We have been rehearsing with Swing Xtreme, Ryan Francois' dance company, and there have already been several gigs!  Michael and I also went up to Norwich to teach a weekend workshop.  It was beautiful!  We met a great group of people and the sun came out for us the whole time!  It's been strangely sunny here in the UK since I've been here.  I think I'm extraordinarily lucky.  Michael and I taught for Swing Patrol last Thursday and tonight, Monday March 15, we teach for Joseph and Trisha's JiveSwing.  We've been keeping busy.  The Universe has been good to us.  The photo's below are the Cathedral in Norwich and me.  Above, Michael and I stand in the market place.