Summer 2014

Summer 2014
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Saturday, May 15, 2010


So that I am clear with myself and everyone else . . .  I AM A FREE AGENT.  I am an independent artist.  I am a dancer who partners.  I am a performer, a director, a choreographer, a teacher.  I am affiliated with several different companies.  And this makes me who I am.  I am a diverse, always changing, growing, and adapting creature.  One might say that I have no identity or that I belong to nothing.  One may also say I am part of everything.  Maybe it's easier to just pick which group or identity "you" want to label me in any given moment.  I realize the delicate balance this all requires.  It is that balance that I intend to seek and pursue in my life.  I know I am not one thing or title.  And I can not be claimed by one person, or group, or idea.  And that frees me to be who I really am.

As a woman, as a "follower", this skill of being solid with who you are, yet flexible with movement is exceptionally important to the dance.  I think strengthening and playing with  these contrary ideas is what one needs to be a phenomenal partner.

I used to think I wanted to be "So and So" but that changed as I met new talented role models who I then wanted to emulate.  Now I realize I can not be any of those people.  It is impossible for me to re-create anything or anyone.  I have to discover "me" and be who "I" am suppose to be, so that eventually I am that role model for some one else.

It's hard in this dance, as a follower and someone's partner, to find that personal identity.  I value the intense work I do with one partner, but equally I value my ability to work with others and maintain the skill of improvisation.  If I can keep these two things in balance, then I think I will feel complete.  And the feeling of completeness is not based  on finding my other half or the perfect partner; it's realizing that being complete is something I do within myself.  So I am focused on being a better, more powerful, and inspiring ME.  Then I can truly work with and contribute to any group or partnership.